Nearly 183 billion rupees are wasted on Christmas presents every year, according to eBay, with many people auctioning off items they simply do not need or want. The statistics are a wake-up call to the need for a greater regard for sustainability, but also a cry for personalization. This isn’t just about buying the right item; it is also about understanding your loved one and trying to match a gift or experience with their needs and desires. As stated by author Gary Chapman (author of The Five Love Languages), everyone has a preferred way to receive and give love. For some, this is through gifts. For others, it is time. How can you come to a winning combination that will make your partner smile from ear to ear?

Sharing Experiences Together

Is there a Pride event somewhere in the world (think New York, Madrid or Sao Paulo) that your partner has always wanted to attend? Have they never been to a Pride march, or have they just come out and would they love to feel the sense of unity at Pride? Why not book a trip and have your partner open a little envelope containing the tickets at Christmas time? If you don’t want to wait until Pride, you can also sign up for a fun LGBTQ Christmas Market. Some of the most famous are Germany’s Gay Christmas Markets, which take place in big cities across the country – including Munich, Frankfurt and Cologne.

Giving The Gift Of Self-Love

If one thing you love about your partner is their giving nature, you may want to give them something different: a chance to pamper themselves. Great gifts for spa lovers include vouchers for a luxury massage at a nearby spa. Make sure your chosen spa has a thermal area, with features such as circuit pools, sensation showers and steam rooms. To keep up the magic that self-love can bring year-round, a subscription box with skincare essentials is just one way to ensure your partner continues to take care of themselves every day without fail.

A Gift To Take With Them

If your partner’s love language comprises gifts rather than quality time, favors, or beautiful words, why not give them a small luxury they can take with them every day to remind them of your wonderful relationship? A jewelry item such as a necklace or bracelet bearing rainbow details can remind them of the importance of leading a happy, colorful, and authentic life. So can a bag decorated with LGBT-inspired imagery or colors. Giving a useful everyday item or an item of jewelry your partner can simply wear every day is a great way to ensure it doesn’t end up stored away in a cupboard.

There are so many unwanted gifts every year that it may be a time for Indian members of the global LGBTQ community to rethink where their rupee is going. Waste not only signifies lost effort and money that could go to more useful things, but also poses a problem for the environment, going against the grain of sustainability. An experience such as travel is one gift that isn’t likely to be wasted, but if you prefer a tangible item instead, make it something that has real use or value – even if the latter is symbolic.