Dusk To Dawn (After Sex)

Gay Couple CartoonDifferent people have different reaction after orgasm. Karan Sood explores the various expectations and response of people post sex

Love consumes all, whether you agree or not, it does. Be it physically, mentally, emotionally or spiritually, it coins our life to changes we certainly resist for their own reasons. And when I say “it consumes”, it takes to no boundary that makes love a villain of our life. Indeed it’s a hero, a savior, but how long a savior will exist without a suitable weapon?

Of all the weapons, from trust, mutual understandings, care and respect, one comes with the name called physical compatibility, a mere check of satisfaction measured from two different scales, and even if their values overlap, they don’t correspond to the same value (Remember the Vernier Caliper you used in your ninth standard physics lab?)

That particular night, we made love for more than two hours, and we were lying naked on our single bed, holding our hands, looking at the revolving fan over head. Within a few minutes, he had slept while I wished to talk. Talk of nothing but our mystic future, of inspiration that binds us together, of reasons to fight for our relationship during the hours that binds dusk to dawn after making love.

While most of us prefer to sleep after sex, still few exist who want to talk about serious stuff, talk of sex and just sex, few prefer to take a shower, or go out for some time, light a cigarette, or cuddle like babies. The moment a couple have orgasm, it may induce a certain level of weakness in the body depending on one’s own stamina, so sleep after sex shouldn’t be blamed anyhow even if it does happen. (And, if both of the partners are working, I know how hard it is to keep your eyes open for late nights after the hectic hours at work.)

Sometimes, in few cases, the orgasm is also followed by an inevitable guilt feeling. And the cigarette, shower or being sometime alone helps it out. And, if it’s natural, what makes the other partner to take it otherwise?

Next comes cuddling after you made love. To cuddle seems sweet and adds beauty to the act, but if it happens after sex it may make you irritating as you may be dying for a sound sleep and the guilt willing for some distance. So even if in this case, the scales don’t match, ignore your emotions that expects a lot; and maturity is all it takes to make it happen.

But what about the urge to talk? And that too when it might be of libidinous nature and at times of serious emotions? This lands you in the situation where one partner prefers to sleep while other continuously gazes at the roof or the fan. Remember, it were your words at the first encounter that brought you both together, the way your frequency matched, things clicked and emotions attached with beautiful memories. It is your words that define you; and not your hotness, your skills on bed, the size of your penis or the perfume you use.

These gradients in expectations and needs may add bitterness in the relationship. If not always, sleep can be sacrificed before these, when you know it will take just a few minutes, especially when your partner needs to talk something really intimate that he can’t share with anyone.

And, to talk of sex after sex? I will prefer to sleep, but people vary so do the expectations, and you agreed to do that, that’s what commitment says.

With a wish for a great love and sex life, I wish for all those happy or not-so-happy couples for the most appropriate weapon for the savior that binds you both.