Fun and Romantic Valentine’s Day Ideas For You And Your Lover

After the Christmas and New Year holiday season,those with significant othersare now looking forward to the next special day on the calendar—Valentine’s Day. The day certainly is a big deal for commerce in India as the Valentine’s Day marketis at Rs.15 billion(USD 27 million). While others may go on a typical movie and dinner date, there are other ways to spendFeb. 14with your loved one. With a bit of creativity and some effort, you can have a fun and romantic Valentine’s Day with your lover by trying any of these unique date ideas.

Go on a nature walk, then have a picnic

If both of you are outdoorsy, nature-loving types, then being out in nature may suit you better than spending Valentine’s Day inside a crowded restaurant. Packfinger-friendly and easy to prepare foods, a picnic blanket, and a bottle of wine in a picnic basket then go on a nature walk with your lover. Have your picnic at a picturesque spot and enjoy the scenery and each other’s company

Create a Valentine’s fort

For a playful Valentine’s Day date, stay in andcreate a cozy fortwith your lover. Think back to when you were a child and use whatever you have to make a canopy tent. You can make one out of a few bedsheets, some fishing line, and some safety pins. Grab several quilts, comforters, and pillows to create a soft nest inside the fort.Light a few scented candlesand place them outside your fort to set the mood. You can have a movie marathon, listen to a playlist of your favorite songs, put on sheet masks and give each other mini facials, or just stay up talking and exchanging stories.

Plan a scavenger hunt for your lover

A good old-fashioned scavenger hunt is a fun way to spend Valentine’s Day. Print tasks and cheeky clues on cards and leave them around your home for your lover to find. The final clue should lead your lover to your bedroom for a night that both of you will never forget.

Belt out some tunes

If you and your lover are amazing crooners, then go on a karaoke date night and let loose and have fun! Whether it’s a raucous karaoke bar or in a private karaoke room, singing your hearts out is a fantastic way to celebrate your love and perfect chemistry. Try singing anything from musicals, pop, rock, or themost iconic karaoke songsand let your hair down on Valentine’s Day.

This Valentine’s Day, go beyond the usual and try any of these fun date ideas. You and your lover are sure to have a memorable and romantic time.