Burst With Pride At One Of The World’s LGBTQ Events

Since the first Gay Pride event in New York in 1970, the LGBTQ movement has spread to every continent, withKolkata hosting India’s first Pridecelebration in 1999. Millions of people every year look forward to joining parades, marches and fantastic festivals all over the world, to celebrate the LGBTQ community and highlight the important issues they face.

But there are many people across the globe who cannot actively take part in these events because theyaren’t free to express themselvesor simply cannot afford it. But that’s where technology can help. While it’s now possible totour a city in a second, Google has made it possible for those who cannot attend to still be able to enjoy a virtual Pride parade experience, through a 360-degree film.

Choose from hundreds of Gay Pride events around the world

If you are fortunate to be an LGBTQ traveller, there are all sorts of wonderful parties, parades, and festivals taking place this year across the globe. Visit anywhere in the world and you will find a spectacular event being held to celebrate LGBTQ while raising important issues facing the community today.

Party the day away in Sao Paulo

Sao Paulo in Brazil is home to one ofthe world’s largest Pride events, with over three million people from around the world expended to descend on the city to party together. With traditional parade floats, wonderful music and dancing, combined with a distinctive Brazilian flavor, this certainly promises to be an unmissable and unforgettable event. While the event brings people together from around the globe, it is also supported by the local community with politicians and notable cultural figures often joining in the festivities.

Celebrate Gay Pride in the US

NYC Pride takes place each June and is a huge festival is held across the city’s five boroughs and enjoyed by more than two million people every year. Withfamous name headline acts, this huge parade features every aspect of the LGBTQ community and culture. The whole city lights up with local bars and clubs hosting their own events to ensure the celebration lasts for days. But while New York might be the birthplace of the Gay Pride movement, there are events organised all across the country celebrating the LGBTQ community, with cities competing for the prestigious title of Pride Mothership.

Share Pride with the stars in Sydney

Australia’s Pride festival held in Sydney is a global event. Top signers and musical performers join in the festivities each year to celebrate the LGBT community. The daytime activities are followed by all-night dance parties, huge floats and the beautiful rainbow-coloredcostumes made famous by Pride.

Enjoy colourful celebrations in Holland and Belgium

Amsterdam Gay Pride is held in August, a different time of year to most Gay Pride events. This colour celebration takes place on the famous canals of the Dutch capital. Each beautifully decorated festival float literally floats along in a vibrant LGBTQ parade of boats. With more than half a million people joining in the celebrations each year, it’s one of the city’s largest annual festivals. Not to be outdone, Belgian Pride in May is a festival of colour, music, and surprises. Brussels’ Pride Village has everything. Here, you will join thousands of people who’ve come to enjoy music, entertaining acts, culinary specialities and a fantastic market.

There are a whole host of wonderful and remarkable LGBTQevents taking place this year. And however you enjoy the celebrations, you can feel pride in knowing that millions of people around the world are supporting our community.