EXclusion withIN ‘Community’

Community and support is crucial to the wellbeing of everyone, particularly queer/LGBT people who might have no other queer/LGBT spaces where they can be open about their sexuality and/or gender

Leap of Faith: Destigmatizing Mental Health

Nervous about broaching the topics of mental health, mental illness, and sometimes of intense or unpleasant emotions generally, we further proscribe discussion of these topics and the challenges that we all face.


Zoey is an always-attempting-to-be inclusive feminist, anthropologist empath, malcontent with a penchant for Foucault and ice cream who is inspired and intrigued by the word 'outre,' and the acts, attitudes, and affects it might inspire. She earned her B.A. from Pitzer College in "Psychology, gender, and sexuality in social contexts." Zoey hopes to continue research into mental health of LGBT+/queer individuals and communities in India, which she began through a Fulbright-Nehru scholarship in 2014-15.