Eccentric Love

Gay Men romancingI stumbled upon this beautiful Youtube video titled Eccentric Love over one of the forums and must appreciate the efforts of Rohit who made this video as an “Awareness Project on Homosexuality”.

The 3 minute video, tells the story of a 23 yr old man (Vinay) and his struggle with sexuality, and is a story that will probably echo with the life of many gay/lesbian men/women. As a young adolescent, Vinay falls in love with his schoolmate Joseph and before they realise, they are already deeply in love and share many beautiful moments. But when Jospeh finally confesses his love to Vinay. Vinay is too scared to accept his feelings and runs away. That day, Vinay loses Jospeh and never sees him again. Vinay goes through a tough phase accepting himself and even has suicidal thoughts, but finally comes out.

Now at the age of 23, Vinay meets Joseph again at the new office that he joins and all his emotions resurface. This time he is not shy or afraid to accept his feelings. The video ends with an awareness message that homosexuality is not a choice, that LGBTs feel afraid, different and alone when they realise their sexual orientation, and a lot of them resort to suicides. It urges people to shed Homophobia.

Although very crude in its format, the video is still able to touch a raw nerve inside you. Probably Rohit should take up the project and instead of using a few still images, make a proper short film. When Nakshatra had first released his short film Logging Out on Youtube, I had blogged about it as to how it touches a chord inside you, and Logging Out went on to win People’s Choice Award in Kashish Mumbai International Queer Film Festival this year. If Rohit improves upon the video, there is potential that this short video could also do the rounds of film festivals.



Sukhdeep Singh