It’s Time to Break The Closet!

Coming Out is an important step in a LGBT person’s life. The closet can be suffocating, That nagging feeling that you aren’t being your true self, that you are lying to your loved ones can take a toll on your mental health. Coming out frees many people from such shackles. It can be a liberating experience.

But how does one come out? Will you be accepted if you were to tell your friend/family that you were gay/lesbian/bisexual/trans? What is the reaction of people when you come out? Is it always positive… is it negative… is it indifferent?

And is Coming out a one time process or a life long process? We keep meeting new people in our life.. so does that mean we need to come out everytime? How have people in different situations handled their coming out?

Come and join us as we discuss some of these questions and learn from the experiences of other people. We share our story, we hear the stories of other people, and in this process, we teach and we learn.

Whether you are out of the closet, or still closeted, this event is for all of you. So join us for an empowering session on Oct 1st at India HIV/AIDS Alliance between 4:30 pm to 7:00 pm.

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