Watch How Straight Men React After Kissing Gay Men

Social experiment videos are some of my favorite things to watch on the Internet. And when these videos put straight dudes in the spot, it’s even more fun to watch. Take this video for example. Released byBria Michelle Kam and Chrissy Emily Chambers, a lesbian musician duo, on their YouTube channel, the video shows men who identify as straight in front of the camera with men who identify as gay. The tough part is that the experiment requires for them to make out. What transpires after that? Well, take a look for yourself.

You can sense the discomfort emanating off the straight guys initially (all of whom are strategically placed on the right). Even when they lean in for the kiss, you see that they are expecting a peck but get the full French treatment, tongue, lips et al. And then they go into auto pilot, often even biting the lower lip of their homosexual counterpart. I was genuinely bowled over by this, because given the stigma associated to men kissing men, this part of the video had me sweating bullets.

The reactions post the kiss are genuinely hilarious and show us why we need to stop blowing the gender identity issue out of proportion. A kiss can be a window to something more intimate. Kids who know no better kiss everything in their way. Maybe all it needs for us to understand what other people are going through is kiss them. It doesn’t have to be sexual. But you know what they say, “never kiss and tell”.

Navin Noronha