Help Independent Media like Gaylaxy. “Embrace” the Crowd Funding Campaign

Embrace: Music, Justice, Artsis a platform for pursuits of independent musicians and that of artists who continue with their creativity in the midst of a commercialised world that imposes a mainstream idea of life. The platform is a reminder of the power of arts and music and why we need it to retain the soul of love, justice, individuals and communities. It also underscores the relevance of the arts to spread love, provoke as well as explore the imagination of a society. In its first ever chapter,Embrace: Music, Justice, Artsbrings together three bands and one solo artist while creating spaces for conversations with a film-maker, an academic, an author and editor. At the same time, creative endeavours of home-built businesses will be on display.

The platform intends to raise as much as Rs 6,00,000 aimed primarily to support independent media. We are all aware of what has happened to the press and media as such where independence almost doesn’t exist. Corporate enterprise and political agendas have largely coloured the content that we receive or see. Noise has brushed aside the silence of the truth as well as the key driving factor of what the Fourth Estate is to be – to check the powers that be and to ask questions that need to be asked and to create a space for the voices that must be heard.
The space for originality and independence has decidedly been shrinking. The world out here tends to ape one idea, one thought and seems to be losing a sense of creativity, artistic pursuits and that of independent expression and media. Help raise funds for those who have the guts and valour to chart their own path that is far more peaceful and soulful. Embrace this appeal please. Even a tiny hug of as little as Rs 500 matters. And if you wish to do more – please go ahead – the soul has no limit, nor do the arts!
At least Rs 5,00,000 will go to two media, one of which is Gaylaxy. Both are independent with a high level of credibility. The balance will go to covering the cost of artists as the event has already been self-funde

You are also welcome to joinon the evening of 8th April at Gulmohar Club, Gulmohar Park, Delhi. You will get to listen and see four bands sharing their music – mostly original. You will hear four speakers talk about arts in society, the law and censorship, academics and the need for expression.

Contribute to the crowd funding campaign here.