Queer Desi TikTok Accounts You Must Follow

The Chinese social media app TikTok has taken the world by storm. While it was initially popular in Asia, it has now taken over the West too. Tik Tok is the most popular social media app today, overcoming Facebook and Instagram.

TikTok has been able achieve something that some of the other apps like Facebook and Instagram have not been able to do – breach the class divide. And so you find an urban suave Indian on the app, and the rural daily wage earner too. If you can act, dance, or lip sync, the app is for you, and talent is not class restricted.

An average TikToker is either in his teens, or early 20s. This age group is also one that is very open to the idea of sexuality and gender. So, it is not uncommon to find Tik Tok users grooving to an item number, or being homo-romantic at times. While some of them are gay, many others aren’t.

Apart from entertaining their followers, they are also educating them on gender and sexuality issues, normalising the conversation around queer issues, or breaking gender stereotypes. Today, we list some TikTok accounts of queer Indians who produce great content, and who we think you must follow.

Sunny (le)One (@sunnyone47888)

Move over the canadian Sunny Leone. This desi Sunny will certainly set your tik tok on fire. “Hi Guys, I am Sunny…” is how most of the videos start. Sunny posts about their daily life activities, and rants about the lovers they have, or the people who they meet on the road. In some videos, they have cross-dressed and can be seen dancing. Sunny’s way of speaking, and quirky take on life will keep you hooked to their videos. The best part is that they have a very supportive family, who also feature in some of their videos. They have 875K followers and 37M likes. Have a brief glimpse below:

Ram and Rudhra (@ramrudhra)

They are a real life gay couple, and have amassed over 290K followers on Tik Tok, and have over 11 million likes to their posts. Their account gives a peep into what life for a gay couple is like. You will find various videos of them performing household chores together, or lip-syncing to Tamil songs as they profess their love for each other.


ஒழுங்கா தலை சீவ தெரியுதா🤣#jillu #couplegoals #love #duet #desifood #edutok #SwagStepChallenge #lov

♬ original sound – psdharshini

Rajiv Bhowmick (Rajikmakeupartist)

This Kolkata based make up artist and tik tok star has over 1 Million followers on the social media app. His videos feature him lip-syncing to songs and delivering dialogues in elaborate makeup. Check out his videos below.


Day nd night makeup transformation 💎❤️

♬ Supalonely (feat. Gus Dapperton) – BENEE

Gano & Kar(@karvannan2)

They are a very young couple, probably college going teens. But with over 242K followers and 5 Million likes, they are pretty popular too. Many of the lip sync videos are shot in a classroom.

Miya Khalifa (@MiyaKhalifa24681)

If you enjoyed the desi Sunny Leone in our list, you will enjoy this desi Miya Khalifa too. Miya has 143K followers and 4.6M likes on Tik Tok. Miya and Sunny often make videos togethers, and like Sunny, Miya posts about their life, desires and dance.


Here’s another tik tok account of a young gay couple whose videos will give you new relationships goals. It is heartening to see so many gay teens and couples being so open on the platform, and receiving so much love and support. The account has 77k followers and 3 M likes

Guru Ranjeet (@saiyedlalshahrocky)

This desi couple share tid-bits of their life on tik tok, along with lip syncing to couple songs. It is fun to watch them pull each other’s leg sometimes. When they are not slogging in the field, they are making videos.

Sadhvik Rajput (@sadhvik_rajput)

This Jammu based tik toker with 112K followers and nearly 2 Million likes, often makes videos dressing one half of himself as a girl, and the other as boy. He is also fond of flaunting his junk from under his pants in his dance videos.

Amit & Aditya (@amitandaditya)

You might remember them from viral pictures of their same-sex wedding (Don’t worry if you don’t, check out the video from below). They have amassed 113K followers and 1.7 Million likes. Do show them some love and follow them.


In a time like this, we are lucky to have each other ♥️👨🏻‍🤝‍👨🏽🌈 #gaycouple #indiangaycouple #loveislove #fyp #husbands

♬ Samjhawan – Arijit Singh, Shreya Ghoshal

Saravanan (@sarosaravananlove)

It is amazing how many gay couples are open about their relationship status on Tik Tok. May be it is the accepting nature of the users of Tik Tok that encourages them to be so. Here’s a young couple re-enacting movie dialogues in queer terms. Saravanan has 31.7K followers and 882.5K likes on Tik Tok.


#இனம் என பிரிந்தது போதும்மதம் என பிரிந்தது போதும்மனிதம் ஒன்றே தீர்வாகும் 🏳️‍🌈🏳️‍🌈🌈👬👨‍❤️‍💋‍👨

♬ original sound – Lucky Cerations – Lucky Cerations

Sheebhu Yadav (@shibhuyadav267h)

With close to 50k followers, 20 year old Sheebhu’s videos are mostly of him dancing to various desi songs, though he occasionally also speaks on LGBTQ issues and rights. He is also a Krishna devotee, and refuses to box himself in any labels.


Please Yaar Aisa mat karo#😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭 Tiktok Indian video@somaiyakinnarujjals

♬ original sound – shibuyadav267h

Boopathy and mani (boopathymani143)

With 45K followers and over 1 Million likes, this couple shares their life together on tik tok through lipsync videos.

Sasijegan (@jegansasi700)

Want to experience what living as a same-sex couple is like? Then follow this user on tiktok. This gay couple has 10k followers (they deserve more!) and it is amazing to see them making tik tok videos doing regular household chores together, and educating the masses with their actions and 30 second videos. Next time someone asks you how will a Gay couple manage the house, show them these videos.

Yesu (@makeupby_yesu)

Here’s another tik tok account of a gay couple Yesu and Satish that has over 32k followers. While the account belongs to Yesu, who is a makeup artist, the videos regularly feature his boyfriend Satish, apart from make up tutorial by Yesu.


Basic Men’s Makeup🤗❤️ For product details, check out my insta- Makeup by Yesu ❤️ #makeup #makeuptutorial #dailymakeup #makeupartist #mensmakeup

♬ original sound – makeupby_yesu


Ranjeet Jha (@ranjeetjha02)

Well, we don’t know if Ranjeet is gay or straight or bisexual, but he does make some homoromantic videos with his friend, and we thought it would be unfair to not include his account in the list.

Did we miss out some accounts that you think should have been in this list?Let us know in the comments

Sukhdeep Singh