In an ill-thought and insensitive move, Noida Sector 50 Metro Station Renamed “She-Man” by Metro Authorities

In what can only be described as a very insensitive, offensive and ill-thought move, the Noida Metro Rail Corporation has decided to rename the Sector 50 Metro Station on Aqua Line as ‘She Man’ station. Ironically, the authorities claimed that this move was aimed at promoting transgender rights.

As per a press release, the renamed station will provide special facilities and employment to transgender community, and will be on the line of the Pink stations. The release also claims that while the station will be open to all, it will “provide provide facilities to facilitate the travel of transgender people”, though how exactly will it do that has not been mentioned.

Furthermore, authorities have said that there will be structural changes in terms of separate restrooms and security checks for trans people, and that like Kochi Metro, the station will employ the services of trans people.

While the move may have been well-intentioned, the name chosen by the NMRC is offensive and insensitive. She-man, or she-male, is often an offensive slang used in some countries to refer to trans people. Multiple queer people and activists have slammed the NMRC and called this renaming offensive and expressed their anguish on twitter. They urged the authorities to revert this move.

Activist Harish Iyer referred to the decision as “disgusting, insensitive and gives more ammunition to every Queerphobe.”

Another user wrote that the term erases transmen completely and that trans people do not want to be defined as another type of man.

It was also pointed out that the move was insensitive and transphobic.

Editor’s Note: It is shocking that the NMRC would show such insensitivity and decide to rename a station to such a derogatory slang used for trans people. While the authorities may have their heart at the right place, their actions are highly objectionable and insulting. They could have saved themselves this embarrassment had they consulted any community organisation or members. We urge the NMRC to roll back the renaming decision immediately.

Sukhdeep Singh