Case Filed In Pakistan Against Gay National Married in Sweden

Gay Muslims in LoveIn a recent development, the Sindh High Court (SHC) has been requested to direct the Pakistan government to act against a gay Pakistani citizen who has reportedly married a man in Sweden. The Petition was filed by Muhammad Imran Shahzad from the United Human Rights Commission. He pleaded that a Pakistani named Muhammad Yaqoob had recently solemnized his marriage with another man named Asadullah Mehsood in Sweden, which is a violation of Islamic laws and instead of taking any action, the Pakistani ambassador there remained mum over the matter.

The petitioner also claimed to be in possession of a marriage certificate issued by the Swedish authorities which states that the said couple is legally married. He further claims that he has a photo of the marriage ceremony. Shahzad contended that the gay marriage involving a Pakistani citizen was illegal because it was against Islamic ideology and the laws of the country. The petition is expected be taken up for hearing in the coming days.

However, the news received interesting responses in Express Tribune, where one reader commented, “Haha. Interesting! I’m a Pakistani too — in the west and have been married to my Indian partner for just over two years now (we just had our anniversary!). I feel that if this man heard about my life choices he would go mad with intolerant rage – I’m gay, living in the west, AND married to an Indian.” While another one viewed it as an attempt to get asylum, “Another gimmick. So they are in Sweden, a free country. Now they got publicity and now they will get political asylum in Sweden. So why waste time for the courts in Pakistan.”

Another reader posted, “Perhaps if the same right was extended to them in Pakistan, they wouldn’t have to go there in the first place. It’s really irritating when you see individuals in Pakistan assuming the role of saviours of Islam. Live and let live Mr!”

Also, a few considered it a lame petition and commented, “The petitioner should be referred to a psychiatrist and punished for wasting court’s precious time.” And lastly, someone commented, “So what is this man doing in the United Human Rights Commission? He should be in the Council for Islamic Ideology (CII) or the ministry of vice and virtue.”

Hadi Hussain