Hindi Daily from Indore “bursts” Gay Party, calls attendees “Bad Boys”

In a piece of sensationalist and homophobic journalism, Dainik Dabang Duniya -a Hindi Daily from Madhya Pradesh- reported about the bursting of a gay party in the city of Indore in its Sunday edition (May 26). A report carried on the front page of the newspaper was titled “Gay Party Mein Pahunchi Police, Bad Boys Mein Machi Bhagdar” (Police Bursts Gay Party, Bad Boys Scramble Around). Calling it a black night, the sub-heading of the news reads “Black Night Mein Mumbai-Pune se bhi aaye Gay, Sharabkhori se lekar Samuhik Pool-Party ka bhi aayojan tha” (This black night had gays from Mumbai-Pune as well, arrangements made for Liquor and pool party)

The report, written in a very homophobic tone, tells that engineers, doctors, businessmen and even the youth of Indore were attending the party, entry for which was Rs 600. The organizers had put a notice informing that photography/videography was prohibited, the report says. “Fir unhone hath mein hath aur ek dusre ke bagal pakadke ghinoni harkat shuru kar di,” (And then they held hand and put arms around the waist and started doing disgusting things) the paper writes. From the report, it emerges that the party was an invite only party being hosted at a Farm House, and news of the party was circulated among friends, and the organizers were trying their best to provide a safe environment for the gays of Indore city and nearby cities as well.

As in most parties (gay or straight), attendees were stamped on their arms. However, the newspaper writes, “Party mein shamil pratyek samlaingik ke hath pe red nishan lagaye gaye” (Each homosexual attending the party had a red mark put on his arm). It refers to the top and bottom terms being used by attendees as a kind of “code words”.

Detailing about how the “sting” was carried out, the newspaper writes that they got information about the gay party 3 days before, and were able to convince the organizer to allow one of their reporters to attend the party. While the organizers did not obtain proper liquor permits and permissions, the newspaper mentions that along with food, the organizers had arranged for different brands of liquor as well as cigarettes.

The raid by the police led to panic among the attendees, who started fleeing the venue. While some of them were able to give a slip to the police men, details of others were noted down by police for further interrogation.

Homophobic report