Just Cling- India’s Own LGBT App is All set to Connect Hearts

Peep into the virtual queer groups of India as a spectator and you will see that every other person is complaining about the PR or Grindr culture. Even though these popular global dating apps have opened the doors of possibilities, they are not able to give something that queer lives can vouch upon. A lot of people amongst us who are not comfortable with instant hookups complain about the way these apps work. To address these issues, a group of zealous techies have brought Just Cling, India’s first socializing app for the country’s LGBT community.

Unlike the other dating apps for the community, which only focuses on gay and bisexual men, Just Cling brings every person on the gender and sexuality spectrum together and lets them socialize and explore. It aims to help the people of the LGBT community discover friends, partners, allows them to befriend and identify with people sharing the same interests and spirit of life and interconnecting with them as much as possible.

Apart from letting people create expressive and detailed profiles, this app has got better search filters for diverse classification of lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender and queer categories. One can chat, share pictures, stories and their lives over the app and know them well enough to share a cup of coffee too! Not just this, being an Indian platform, it churns out content specific to the country, including blogs and articles related to the community.

They are planning to have Development for iOS, Windows and other platforms soon. The team behind the app is consistently working hard to add some never-heard-before features. Very soon, they would tie up with LGBT social groups, so that people can connect with them and plan events.

Currently there are 100 odd users on the app and they are expecting feedback from the users. They are trying hard to reach each and every individual of the LGBT community in India and and build a trustworthy environment. Keeping the concerns of those people who prefer their regional languages over English, the app is planning to have multiple regional languages and cater content in the language preferred by the user.

Just Cling is brought to you by a team of 4 ever enthusiastic souls – Abhishek Kumar, Prerna Singh, Rohit Kumar and Kunal Gupta. The product is ready and is live on Play store since 19th of September.

Sudip Dey