A New Lesbian Web-Series is Launching on Jan 12th! Watch its Trailer and a Sizzling Hot Promo Video


2016 gave us a lesbian web-series The Other Love Story about Aadya and Aachal, two college going girls from Bangalore in the 90s who fall in love and face opposition from their families. Now another lesbian web-series is about to launch on Jan 12th. The web-series is a love story between Shreya and Ananya. Ananya seems to have a boyfriend, but meets Shreya at a party and is charmed by her. This encounter is soon going to turn the life of Ananya upside down. We can’t wait to watch the series on January 12th.

If the below promo is anything to go by, the series will have a lot of hot, steamy sex between the two ladies as well.


Sukhdeep Singh

Sukhdeep Singh is a Facebook addict who works as a software engineer by day and transforms into a writer at night. He is also the founder and editor of Gaylaxy magazine.
Sukhdeep Singh