Video: Sikh Parents Urge Families To Accept Their LGBT Children

A screenshot from the video

A screenshot from the video

The Asian Pride Project has released a video where , Harcharan Bagga, father of a gay sikh man, and his wife Kamlesh Bagga, urge other parents and the society to accept LGBTs. In the video, they talk about how LGBT children are often discriminated against in the society and looked down upon. “It is time we accept our children, love them and be proud of them and give them their rights in society,” the mother says. “I am proud of my son, I have always been proud of my son,” Mr Bagga proudly says in the video. They urge other parents to share the story of their LGBT children. The video ends with a beautiful message, where the complete family of Mr. Bagga  says: “Parivar te parivar hi honda hain, te parivar da matlab hi pyaar hai.” (Family after all is family, and family implies love).

The Asian Pride Project is an online space for family and friends of lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgender (LGBT) Asian & Pacific Islander (API) people. Their website describes the project as  “a place to share our stories and experiences with each other, in the languages of our communities, in video, sound, pictures, and words.” They aspire to foster greater visibility, pride, acceptance, unity, and harmony for all LGBT Asians & Pacific Islander (API) people in their families, cultural communities and beyond.

Sukhdeep Singh