Hijra Guru Ekta Joshi was shot dead by two assailants outside her house in GTB Enclave on 5th September at around 8:30pm. Joshi had returned back from Laxminagar and as soon as she stepped out of her car, was shot four times by two men. She collapsed immediately and was rushed to a hospital, where she was declared as brought dead.

Various media reports mention that Joshi had been recently appointed as a Hijra Guru by her Guru Anita Joshi, and she had joined the race to be appointed as the Guru of Delhi region. Despite several days having been passed, police has made no headway in the case.

Police suspect that the assailants had been hired and were professional killers. They have not ruled out personal enmity and are also suspecting dispute between two different hijra groups as a possible reason. Investigations are still going on in the case.

Sukhdeep Singh