I Love The ‘F’ Word

"A Muscular Energy" (Photo by: Laurent Goldstein Photography)

“A Muscular Energy” (Photo by: Laurent Goldstein Photography)

And before you scream your dainty lungs out that I am promoting profanity in many ways, I am talking about the FRENELUM here. Today darlings, allow me the pleasure of talking about the various ways you would want to touch your man, or the reverse.

So where were we? Oh yes, the F word (shakes in their bottoms). The frenelum, my darlings, is a pleasure point so naughty, it would make him go bonkers when you nibble or tickle it. Call it a pleasure trigger spot or whatever; a tease of it makes the body release earth shaking sexual tensions all over- I dare you to stimulate that spot. Be ready to lick your lips when he does that and throw around fiery cold sensations, semi-gobbling an ice cube or the extremes- a very hot cup of tea.

The sport is!

Thee shaft area just below his popo! Slide the tongue over that very area, when you’ve got your mouth pre-frozen with an ice cube or post-boiling with a hot cuppa latte. Use thumb to play with your area while you are cozily servicing it. That, my boys, would be one of the many places for the FRENELUM- THE F WORD I AM NEVER TIRED OF.

Lick his toes and feet

From a foot massage to a lick of the daddy toe; bite his babies gently and look deep into his eyes doing that. Place them on your lap, bringing them slowly closer to your nipples, focus on the daddy toe touching your tuners; close your eyes and bite your lips- he’s already wet!

Play with his P spot

Lube your finger well, be very gentle as you explore his glorious passage. With the other fingers, gently massage the area around the scrotum and the anal rim. Focus on the zone lying between the rim and the testicle. A tongue vibration much needed here! He’d go mad!

Sexy Indian men, Desi Man,

“The Best Cleanser (Photo by: Laurent Goldstein Photography)

His butt fold

Not the butt crack this time, but the area where his high-thigh meets the low butt line; the buttfold is where you should nibble, play and bite a little. Try that!

Flick him using your tongue

Give him a tease up; flick the popo wit your tongue sans the need of your hands for movement or strokes. Show him what the powerful tongue can do; while using your toes to let your feet travel his torso and tune the nubbins up there.

Ice up the radio station

Perk the music up one notch and look deep in his eyes; eat his lips off while trying that out. Push him back and cuff him to the posts; while still looking into his eyes. Place two cubes of ice on either nipples; lick him wet there

Love the F word darlings, Hail to the Freneleum!

Tooodles ravishing ones!

Rohan Noronha