Sign Petition against Ghulam Nabi Azad's homophobic statement


The Delhi High Court decriminalized homosexuality two years ago, yet, the Indian society seems to be still entrapped in the dark ages. The Union Minister in charge of Health, publicly expressed his biases against the LGBT community in a government function, attended by Sonia Gandhi and Prime Minister Manmohan Singh. His comments were highly irrational and based on no scientific jurisprudence.

In case you haven’t read Mr. Azad’s statement, you can read PTI’s report here.

The homosexual community of India is already struggling for the demand of equal rights for LGBT fraternity. While legal and social battles are on, this statement from someone who holds an office as important as Health, is totally uncalled for and unjustified, it is sad that the minister is ignorant of scientific evidence pointing out homosexuality is not only natural but genetic. He seems to have ignored the fact that American Society of Psychiatry has removed homosexuality from list of mental disorders about four decades ago!

It is highly inappropriate for a minister to make claims which cannot be justified by any logic other than bias. Ghulam Nabi Azad ceases to be the right choice for the Ministry he is heading, and must be summarily removed.

We urge you to raise you voice against such an ignorant, homophobic and unscientific comment that targets a community already fighting for recognition and rights in this country, Please sign the online petition condemning Mr. Azad’s statement and seeking his removal as the Health Minister here.

Sukhdeep Singh

Sukhdeep Singh

Sukhdeep Singh is a Facebook addict who works as a software engineer by day and transforms into a writer at night. He is also the founder and editor of Gaylaxy magazine.
Sukhdeep Singh
  • M Desylva

    He should go into political exile..and never come back. We don’t need old cronies as ministers in a country where 70% of the population is young!!

  • rahul arora

    this country entitles us to freedom of speech.. that does not mean dodos like him should be allowed to speak in public forums……

    there should be a joint entrance test for politicians whee those who qualify can only stand for elections……

  • Abhishek

    will India ever grow up..!?! 🙁

  • Rebina Subba

    “SHAMAKAMI”-“one who desires one’s equality” is the first ever CBO in the state of Shillong, Meghalaya . Its a totally Christain State with church leaders opposing the issue of homosexuality from all sides but still SHAMAKAMI has survived and is sailing now with its sails open in the vast sea…..we are supported by the Presbyterian Assembly of the State. And we are running the first core composite TI in our State for MSM/TG and FSW. The statement given by our Hon’ble health Minister is indeed very shameful and we want that a person who speaks without any basic knowledge about our issues should be removed from the chair. SHAMAKAMI hereby signs this petition against our insensitive health minister.

  • Vinay Kumar

    i am against the homophobic statement by the minister.

  • Swagatam Goswami

    Mr. Azad, as health minister of a country that suffers from a disgracefully high population thanks to what idiotic people like you call ‘normal’, this kind of bigotry is hardly called for. Take my advice and be gone wherever you wish except parliament, for you need education, and before you can be called truly educated(if it happens in this life) don’t dare to contest for any more ministerial positions. We don’t need pollutants like you in the government.

  • I think Mr. Health Minister ahs no any idea or full information about same sex behaviour. I request to National AIDS Control Organisation to please counsell him with right information about the MSM behaviour

  • he is a homophobic

  • Ritul K Bora

    I strongly Protest against the Health Minister Ghulam Nabi Azad`s Prejudiced & Biased statement against the Gay Fraternity.It`s sad that someone as Ignorant as Nabi Azad
    gets to become The Health Minister of an emerging Economy Like India.Health is about
    Medical Science & not about Draconian Medieval Beliefs based on Religious Prejudices.


    i am against the homophobic statement by the minister.


    LGBT community can take to educate the Health Minister.

  • anand

    Azad’s statement is irresponsible. Unsafe sexual practices promote the spread of HIV among all – the infection does not pick and choose!!

  • suvendu

    i m strongly protesting against the recent homophobic comments of health minister………

  • Sagar

    Hell with him..

  • margaux jouenne

    Equal rights should be the same for everyone, we all HUMAN beeing after all

  • Daniel Fitzgerald

    I’m strongly protesting against the recent homophobic comments of health minister………the spread of HIV, the infection does not pick and choose!!

  • Rajeev

    A politician should strictly avoid from making his personal or popular beliefs public and a health minister should only speak on scientifically proven facts or findings.A responsible post like Health Ministry should be only handed to a person who is from the field of health management.

    I also came across an article on him at wikipedia where its stated that he advises couple to watch television instead of producing children and girls should be only married at the age between 25 and 30.If the comments are really his…than,its hilarious!!! Instead of advising contraceptives and giving a serious thought about ones financial position in reproducing a baby….giving other than such advises…it very amateurish blabbering.

    From MUmbai.

  • ronnie banerjee

    people in the UK are debating about the best methods of explaining the concept of same-sex relationships to school kids. people in the US are looking for federal approval of gay marriage. and this is what india does….never been more ashamed of the people who represent my country….

  • Devashis

    If Mr. Azad is so grossly illiterate as not to know the very facts and foundation of medicine inspite of being the “health minister”, he simply doesn’t deserve the post. Being a doctor myself, I hate to think of the fact that our healthcare system is governed by people who are still living in the Stone Ages. Mr. Azad, you need to grow up. Even the kid across the street is more mature than you.

  • Dr. Himadri Roy

    its nothing new…these unfit ministers think of their voter list and nothing beyond that polemics…this political statement has been already proven wrong already in the history of medical sciences back in 1768 when the different forms of sexual behaviour was discovered by a german doctor in plant molecular biology…personally i do condemn his view point…i strongly object to such political readings of every damn thing just keeping in mind about the vote bank and nothing else…what proof does he need…he needs to read the mahabharta and ramayana …and vishnu and shiva puranas carefully…beyond that the aranyika upanishad can also be read…the lal kitaab for palmistry or astrological sciences can be refrred…beyond that the archietcetural galores of khajuraho and konark can be traced…. the religious festivity of koovagam for the aravanis can also be proven…what proofs does he need…lets take it from his side…ok fine that it is imported from the foreign countries..then the harem system of the sultanate dynasty needs to be probed with careful historical evidences to show that the harems where supervised by ‘unnatural disesaed’ people…so he means to say that the muslims have brought it to india…or is it the british? peter mundy’s histriography of british overseers sodomising the young adlooscent boys who worked under their jurisdiction can be shown to him…why dont we al gift these resources to him…beside the medical historical study of diseases…anyway…thts what the whole heteronormative people are like…dear friends we have nothing to say but to retaliate at every step of life…my mom was right…when in my teens i came out to my family and been tharshed cruelly in front of her eyes, she hugged me and said…”YOU NEED TO FIGHT THIS BATTLE ALL ALONE, ALWAYS I CANT PROTECT YOU…REMEMBER IF GOD HAS CREATED YOU THEN GOD WANTS YOU TO BE LIKE WHAT YOU ARE BECAUSE OF A PURPOSE FAR BEYOND THE DESIRES BETWEEN LEGS WHICH THIS MORTAL EYES CANT FORESEE…” today i feel that she was right…today i understand what she meant…anyway…thats all i can say at this moment…

  • Shiv

    It just reflects the homophobic attitude of our society. So I’m not surprised by his statement. This is a long battle and we have to fight for the dignity, identity and equality.

  • Souvik Ekamebadwitiyam

    Dear Minister,

    I didn’t know ur GK was so poor! Don’t u know that World Health Organization has already removed Homosexuality from the list of ‘Disease’ in 1990? Pls start reading GK textbooks again or tell ur son/daughter to teach u as perhaps they also know the fact!

    Minister, when u elected as an MP, did u count how many ‘unnatural MSM votes’ u had got? They are also ur voters!

    Minister, pls believe, they also have hearts like u! They also want love!

    Minister, u also have kids & u never know (…)!!


    1st check out on ur own family guys dear???
    there may b loads of guys in2 it??

  • Mandeepal

    Mr Azad should be more careful about words he use to people

  • Sumeet

    The American Psychological Association, The American Psychiatric Association has removed ‘ homosexuality’ from the list of ‘ psychological diseases’ since 1975. The WHO has also stopped considering homosexuality as a disease. This means that our Hon. Health Minister is lagging behind almost 30 years. We don’t need this type of outdated ministers in our emerging country.

  • Slender Boy

    Mrs. Sonia Gandhi and all her subordinates, be it loyal ministers or the hapless, maimed and weak prime minister have shown surprising lack of knowledge or disgusting lack of courage to act on any issue.If we view the Health Minister’s comments in such a backdrop then we expect no better from him or his bosses. As usual PM will have his I DON’T KNOW and Sonia Gandhi’s I DON’T SPEAK strategies ready.

  • Sahiba Bhan

    He is an idiot.

  • raajiv saini