AIIMS Doctor kills herself on discovering Husband is gay



A 31-year-old doctor who worked at Delhi’s AIIMS killed herself in a hotel room after finding out her husband was gay, media reported on Sunday, the latest in a string of cases where wives have found out about their husband’s sexual orientation after marriage.

The woman posted her suicide note on Facebook where she said her five-year-long marriage had not been consummated and upon investigation, she found a fake gmail account and a history of gay chats, porn and friends. The husband has been arrested.

“I asked him and he told me sum one hacked his email. I believe him with suspicion but till now he tried to do sex 8 to 10 times with me but was unable to do with me we never had intercourse .i never told this to anyone because I was in love with him I thought one day everything would b okay[sic],” she wrote in her facebook post.

She then went on to allege that her husband started finding fault in her and her family and proceeded to torture her mentally.

“One month back he accepted he was gay or bisexual he don’t know, but I know he is gay because he never had erection when he was with me. He had sex with his male partners also Hamaz from Kashmir his gay friend,” she wrote.

The doctor said she was tortured one night so violently that she was unable to breathe and appealed to the gay community to not marry a girl because that plays not only with the woman’s emotions but also her family’s life.

“I loved you a lot and in return you took my all happiness from me. You are not a human being you are a devil , who take away my life from me. I never wanted anything from you but due to your abnormal sexuality you thought you think I need sex from you it’s wrong. I just wanted to be with you accepting you because I loved you very much but you never knew importance of this . You are a criminal,” she ended her post.

Her husband too is working as a senior doctor in AIIMS. India has seen several such cases of marriages between unsuspecting women and gay or bisexual men, many of which result in the death of either spouse.

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Dhrubo Jyoti

A journalist by profession, a physicist by training. Works with the Hindustan Times, New Delhi. Makes better use of time with Gaylaxy.
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  • Deepthi

    I hope much more debate happens around this issue, cos typical parents would end up doing this without understanding the repercussions. If the son or daughter comes out gay, they would just say, get them will all be fine.. we have all heard sometimes for parents and relatives..and it’s never right ! Not just in cases where a child is gay..when they are hesitating for whatever reason..its never always right to force them in to something thats a long time commitment and involves families/other people ..

  • FrustratedGayIndianMan

    I don’t wish to sound insensitive but society had this coming .
    Everyone so quickly finds faults in gay man, but poor he, did he had any other choice ?
    we always say the girls life and her family’s life is ruined by such marriages, but what about the guy’s life ? his life is also ruined but no one would see that perspective of problem.
    Also lesbians get far more worse treatment, yet no one whines for them. The issue is not of men and women here . The issue is of heterosexuals vs homosexuals , with the latter always saying injustice done to them in such marriages but they never saw the injustices happening with the latter (homosexuals) .
    RIP poor woman

  • FrustratedGayIndianMan

    She could have taken a divorce but she had to take her own life. Stupid breeders

  • FrustratedGayIndianMan

    Its always about the POOR GIRL.
    what about the poor man ? does anyone ever even think from this perspective. He’s the devil , abnormal sexuality and what not . If you’re going to create a homophobic society, this is the ramifications you get .

  • Simran Bodh

    Why the hell are people defending the man in this case? Just because you’re gay, it doesn’t give you the right to harass and abuse someone mentally and physically. Instead, do NOT get into a straight marriage and fight for your rights. Why punish someone innocent?

    While I’m a massive supporter of LGBT+ rights, this kind of abuse should not be condoned just because the abuser is oppressed.

  • Aditya

    The guy should have told her the truth and faced the consequences which could have been divorce. The girl, after knowing the truth herself, should have asked for divorce, married another man who could have loved her back. But the tragedy is none of these happened.
    While the girl was not mentally strong to think about a way out, guy was ruthless to say the least. While it largely happened due to societal pressures and expectations, the guy had a large part to play in the suicide.