अफ़ग़ानी होते हुए भी, खुद को भारतीय के रूप में स्वीकारना

द कारपेट वीवर पूरब भर के सभी LGBTQIA के लिए एक आवाज़ और एक पात्र बन गया जो समलैंगिकता को छुपाये हुए हैं, क्योंकि उन्हें जान का खतरा है या कारावास या अन्य प्रकार के उत्पीड़न का डर है।

Bengaluru’s Queer Book-Lovers get a Weekend Worth Remembering

Radio Active CR 90.4, in association with Namma Pride Bengaluru 2017, organised Queer Readings and Conversations – an effort to bring together Bengaluru’s queer community and allies, offer them a safe platform to express themselves, recite poems and discuss matters of queer existence through the passages from books they chose to read aloud.

Queer Potli – Exploring Urban Queer Spaces Through an Anthology

Queer Potli is a collection of 12 articles. Each article presents a very different view of such spaces which exist all around us. Spaces like private facilitations, NGO walk-in centres, even private spaces such as family and home along with public and cultural spaces, and how these spaces provide and lack safety for every queer person.