Queer Potli – Exploring Urban Queer Spaces Through an Anthology

Queer Potli is a collection of 12 articles. Each article presents a very different view of such spaces which exist all around us. Spaces like private facilitations, NGO walk-in centres, even private spaces such as family and home along with public and cultural spaces, and how these spaces provide and lack safety for every queer person.

Book Launch: ‘No One Else’ – India’s First Gay Memoir

No One Else, a book by Siddharth Dube which is being called as India's first gay memoir by its publisher Harper Collins, was launched in Delhi on 20th Nov. The book is a deeply personal account by Siddharth, and spans his entire life - from his childhood and schooling at Doon School, to his self-realisation at St. Stephens, and his years spent at US, and then working with sex-workers in India