कहानी : रूममेट

अर्जुन नाम था उसका, कद काठी मेरी तरह, सांवला रंग और मेरी आँखे उसे देखती ही रह गयी। ऐसा नहीं था कि वो सुन्दर था पर वो 'वोह' था!
gay romance

Short Story: Vrishna

“In the light of all the evidences and witnesses, the court has come to the conclusion that charges against Rohan Khanna could not be proved and hence he is re... Read More...

Short Story: The Other Woman

His words appeared so cold to her, and it hurt her badly. All she wanted was a mere acknowledgement of her existence in his life
hands pills

Short Story: The Blue Pills

In the restroom, he looked at himself in the mirror and felt a stab of pity. "How will I fake through this my entire life," he thought panic-stricken.