Poem: Saga of Breakup

Scratch me hard, let me bleed Show what all can be your wildest deed Pounce my chest, and lie abreast Treat on me, and enjoy your fest Dare not say that y... Read More...

Short Story: The Other Woman

His words appeared so cold to her, and it hurt her badly. All she wanted was a mere acknowledgement of her existence in his life
by seaside

Sometimes, It’s Better to Say No

I am writing this to tell people like me that it's totally okay to be homosexual but keeping someone in dark is not good in any relationship. It's better to say NO.

Story : The Trip (Part 2/2)

Whenever Shouvik asked Shambo to meet him, he always had some excuse ready and the two times when he finally could meet him, he was already with his partner.

Poem: Monsoon

Painting by Kashish Seth   Like a long lost person whose arrival has delayed This rain, this monsoon suddenly came to surprise you When you ha... Read More...

Poem: Longing

I have grown prematurely old in your love I have lived too many lives in your longing You have aided Far too long The hand of fate Against me Today I’m... Read More...

Poem: Many Ways

I loved you in too many ways The ravenous roots of your love grew deeper Maddening me gently At the end of every nerve in my body I opened up to you i... Read More...