Poem: Drops of the Silent Rain

Touch me to feel the pain,
the numerous trials that went in vain,
to get you closest to my heart strings,
but, the melancholy is what it always brings.
I am not the most painful soul you see,
I am the same body which got stung by a venomous bee.
Through the minutes and hours of time
I realized I am never yours,
However, you are always mine.

I am a flower born to a plant of grace
why am I penalized to put a smile on my face?
I hurt no one, I just bloom to see the light
the wind that blows and the sun yellow and bright.
However, still I get plucked off from my bearer
I don’t scream, I don’t cry, I just wish
if I could have been a bit more nearer to her.

Silence is the only sound that I heard for ages
Negligence was expected and no time for rages.
I was alone and much alone to speak out
I was buried in the depth of dark
much for anyone to even reach out.
For long my eyes flooded in pain
The days held the dark clouds and
Nights, they precipitated as rain.

I loved to love you immediately without conditions and terms,
You were the solitary rose I drew without thorns and ferns.
The thorns grew before I could see,
I was stung by a venomous bee.
Red was the colour I admired so much,
never thought that it would be painful as such.

Abhishek Chakraborty
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