Poem: When You Come to Me


Twirling smoke
Coming out of my mouth
Paints gray metaphors
Around me

I hold your memories delicately
Like an expensive pen
Between my teeming fingers

You come to me like a poem
Out of nowhere
And lay naked on the white bed
Of my diary

I caress you
Like an ardent adept lover
And clothe you
In metaphors and similes

In my labyrinth memories
Time spent with you
Is a bullet stuck in a tree
It neither rots
Nor dissolves in its veins

It grows into the foliage of defiance
Reminding me of your presence
As an invisible truth

Hope drives me to this end
I deliver you in this poem
Like a reluctant postman
The part of me
You never understood
The part of me
You couldn’t love…

Karim Nanvour
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