Young filmmaker’s debut film on corrective rape looks for crowdfunding

Deepthi Tadanki

Deepthi Tadanki

Deepthi Tadanki, a young filmmaker is looking to highlight the issue of corrective rape with a hard hitting film on rape being employed to cure lesbians. Satyavati, the film, aspires to let the audience understand that being a lesbian is not a disease that needs to be cured and is as natural as heterosexuality. Through the film, Deepthi wishes to highlight the issue of corrective rape and have the audience understand the nuances of love and the consequences of using rape as a tool to make a person conform to societal standards. She wishes to emphasize that rape is not always used by jilted individuals seeking revenge, but also employed by parents themselves as a tactic to bring their own children to toe the family line.

The 90 minute feature film tells the story of three young girls living together, of whom two are in a relationship with each other. The parents of the third girl suspect their daughter to be lesbian as well and decide to teach the girls a lesson by having the girls’ uncle and friends rape them so that they can realize their mistakes and reform. The film examines the devastating consequences of this action and how the characters come to terms with life post the trauma.


Deepthi is an MBA graduate and has worked as assistant director for several shows on MTV. She says that while she did have some problems initially in finalizing the cast, she was supported a lot by the LGBT community in tying up all loose ends. Around 30% of the shooting has been completed, with plans for completion by September this year.

While estimating a budget of around INR 16 lakhs for completing the rest of the production and distribution of the movie, Deepthi is actively seeking crowdfunding for the venture. Her campaign on Milaap, a crowdfunding website has however managed to raise less than 10% of the target amount till date.

Deepthi appeals for funding with the thought – “Whether you are straight, gay, lesbian, transgender or bisexual, it is important to know that you are human first. If you can find miracles in forgiveness, blessings in loving your enemies and bliss in spreading kindness, then it is you who can uplift the value of humanity and eradicate hatred from the world by supporting this short film.

Contributions to Satyavati can be made here

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