कहानी : रंगीली और उसकी मौत का रहस्य

बचपन से ही लगता है कि या तो मैं पागल हूँ, या फिर मेरे आस पास जितने भी लोग है वो पागल हैं। अम्मा कहती थी थोड़ा अलग सा हूँ सबसे। बड़े हुए तो पता चला कि हम सबकी अ... Read More...

I was Raped on my Date

It hurt so much that I was in a lot of pain and agony. I was barely conscious and was trying my best to resist, but in vain.

The Visibility Campaign: Ajay’s Story

I was sexually abused when I was four by a few extended family members, by a teacher when I was 12 and raped by eight men when I was 13. I chose to be open irrespective of what I endured and my past experiences are not going to force me back into the closet