A 36-yr old man in Vashi, Navi Mumbai, was gangraped by 5 men on Monday night when he stopped for a cigarette while returning home, reports Indian Express. The man has had to undergo multiple surgeries.

According to the police, the 5 suspects kidnapped him from a deserted spot when he stopped for a cigarette and took him behind bushes, where they beat him up and brutally raped him. Mirror Now reports that the “accused inserted a coconut shell in the anus of the victim while sodomising him”. Police registered a case under Section 377 after the man’s relative approached them.

 “The doctors at a private hospital have had to conduct multiple surgeries. He is under observation,” a police officer told Indian Express. “The victim stated that the accused seemed to be inebriated and also under the influence of narcotics. They all seem to be in the age group of 25-30,” he added.

Police is also scanning CCTV footage from nearby areas and have assured that all the accused will be arrested soon.

Sukhdeep Singh