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Judge Me If You Can!

'Who am I to judge you!’ is a fairly common line used by the supporters of LGBTQIA+ rights. There is something inherently wrong in these utterances.

No, Bisexuals Are Not Half-Gay and Half-Straight

There are degrees of bisexuality - we are not half-gay or half straight. Degrees can vary from lusting after the same-sex while being emotionally involved with the opposite sex or vice versa, to lusting and being emotionally involved after the same and the opposite sex

The Tough Work of Sexuality

We have to address the binary construction of dominant heterosexuality with all its institutions and the ways it has inscribed itself in our psyches. There is a bigger Law at play and that is the law of the psyche.
लेखक भूषण कोरगावकर

लावणी के ठाठ, ‘सम्मति’ का पाठ: एक मुलाक़ात, भूषण कोरगावकर के साथ!

लावणी महाराष्ट्र की प्रसिद्द गान और नृत्य कला है| धर्म, राजनीति, मुहब्बत और समाज जैसे संवेदनशील विषयों पर, दोहरे अर्थ के शब्दों से कई बार लैस, लावणी एक कामुक, शृंगारिक कला प्रकार है जो मनोरंजन के माध्यम से अपना सन्देश प्रेक्षकों तक बखूबी पहुंचाता है।