Asexuality 101 : A Workshop to Raise Awareness About Asexuality

A for Asexuality

In the ever evolving alphabet soup that is the LGBTQIA+ umbrella today, there seems to be some on going controversy over one particular alphabet – A. While initially coined for ‘Allies’, the ‘A’ is increasingly being used to include ‘Asexuals’ into the community, all over the world. But do you understand what the term means?

Many might disapprove of this inclusion, but the biggest organisations working towards LGBTQIA+ have come forward in support of this shift, including in India. However, there remains ginormous amounts of ignorance in the masses on the subject of Asexuality and worse, even within the LGBTQIA+ community.

In a country as orthodox as ours, our expectations lie mostly with people from within this community. Because if you’ve seen and known what it’s like to be marginalized, unseen and dismissed, how can you treat another in the same way? If you fight for your right to be heard, how can you not also encourage the voice of the one even more invisible than you? Right? Right.

The Indian Aces community, in their attempt to bring more visibility and clearer understanding of the subject, are starting with a workshop series on the subject that promises to not just be educational, but also revelatory and a whole lot of fun (psst.. might have free cake). The first of the series is being conducted in Delhi on the afternoon of 2nd of July 2017 and will be India’s first such session on the subject. Everyone is invited!

Is this workshop for me?

It is for everyone, and especially so if you say yes to any of the following:

  • I feel I am/might be asexual and I want to know more
  • I’m questioning my sexual orientation and it’s always good to know more
  • I’m from the LGBTQI+ umbrella and I think I should know about this
  • I’m a curious person and wish to learn new things
  • I work in a field where I might be able to make use of this knowledge
  • I know someone personally who might be asexual and this might help me understand them.

So what will this workshop cover?

3 major sections:

1. The main talk/workshop which will have topics as listed below.
2. A mini-auction/sale of some small LGBTQIA+ merchandise such as pins etc.
3. A small exhibition of the educational and research material collected from the World Sexology conference.

What are the topics that will be talked about?

– The concept of sexual orientation and the lack of it.
– What is Asexuality? What is not Asexuality?
– Sexual repulsion, low libido, other confounders.
– Asexuality in the larger LGBTQIA+ spectrum.
– The biggest myths about Asexuality.
– Figuring out if you/someone you know might be asexual.
– The lived experiences of the asexual community.
– What to say/not to say to an asexual.
– Q &A


Discussions, discovery and discourse on the subject? CHECK
Educational material, research papers and brochures for reading? CHECK
Quirky comics, merchandise and pins for a fun sale? CHECK
Desi cofefe, CAKE and crazy chocolates? CHECK
Remember, all proceeds go towards community development and research.

Ticket price:

499 (in case of advance payment) includes
– Reserved spot for the entire workshop,
– Stationery and printed materials,
– Possibility of free cake and coffee!
– Access to view educational materials collected from the world sexology conference,
– A chance to take part in our super fun auction of queer merchandise.

I want to attend but I can’t affort it! What do I do?

Please go ahead and register. In the payment section please select “I am completely unable to pay for myself” and then write a mail to explaining your situation. We will get back to you.

Register hereor follow updates on the Facebook Event page

Who we are:

Indian Aces is a self/non-funded award winning collective of asexual folk from or in India. Started in 2014 and relaunched in early 2016, the community has grown by leaps and bounds. We serve as an online community platform, generating awareness and receiving new members into their secret group on facebook, as well as participate and represent in various LGBTQIA+ events and platforms that have so far been devoid of representation from the asexual community in India. We organize our own meetups all over India, conduct independent research on the subject and even conduct workshops for professionals and allies to understand Asexuality, with the first one coming to Delhi on 2nd July evening.

Indian Aces