Being Called a “Bro”

When there is this guy, who you have a feeling is gay/bi, you text him every once in a while because you find him hot, and then one of your friends has seen him on Tinder too. You kinda keep your hopes when you text him, especially when he texts back so well and holds a conversation (although it’s mostly about fitness, and you being a foodie). Everything seems to be going so well, and you imagine things in your head, and then he drops the “Bro” bomb!

I don’t know why all these straight men have started “Bro”ing each other, and one of my exes used to hate it, and now I know why. It’s such a turn off when the guy you like simply makes you a “Brother” because you know, you are a man!


I am guilty of “Bro”ing a few guys too if they do sniff up to me. It’s like a clear yet indirect way of saying, “I am not into you.” In fact, even gay men use it quite often – “Dude”, “Man”, “Bro”, as if that makes you all macho. Yeah, well, it does sound a lot better than “Dear”, “Darling”, “Sweetheart”. But when things are going well, and you expect to cozy up, “What else, Bro?” makes you cringe on the inside.


I did use it to cover up/ tease when my ex, Kel, and I were texting without coming out to each other. He simply asked me to call him “Kel” and I happily obliged. I called him “Bro” initially when I clearly had feelings for him, may be because I didn’t want him to know how I felt about him. When we got cozy, I think I kinda felt it was time to get out of the “Bro” zone.

I am a bit rude these days when he calls me “Bro”, I simply cut off talking to him, and he isn’t someone who texts until texted to, and that kinda sucks, because he doesn’t take an initiative. May be he just isn’t into me. Having said that, I really wish he or any hot guy doesn’t call me “Bro” ever again. Bro, is an official cock-blocker!


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