Poem: Madness

Painting by Kashish Seth

Painting by Kashish Seth

Dear lover do not even think

I do not know what you think,

This is madness that you see

Because madness was always within me.


You wouldn’t perhaps decipher

You may even wonder

At such incoherence language of mine

That I describe this love towards thine.


Yes incoherence is the word

For the state of my world

Madden-ed by a fractured past

Of stories with bitter endings at last.


Did I tell your serene face reminds me stories?

Stories that have become memories

Created through winter and summer nights

Both in darkness and daylight.


Your beaming eyes might lie

And your words beguile

Thus bringing madness upon me

That I did not meanwhile see.


Love is madness dear lover

Whether you are rich or poor doesn’t matter

Because it wreaks apart fear

Naked bodies shed barrier


But it is not love my dear

If you give up when intoxication falters

Didn’t I declare already?

It is not just about the body.

Kumam Davidson