A 10th Class Student From Turkey Made This Comic Strip About the Indian LGBT Movement

Dilara Zaimoglu

Dilara Zaimoğlu, a 10th grade student studying in Istanbul, Turkey, as part of her school project, had to choose a country and a character from that country that faces prejudice. She decided to focus on India and the fight of the Indian LGBTQ community against Section 377 and made a comic strip that covers the fight against Section 377 and the advancement of LGBTQ rights in the country. “I wanted my character to be in the LGBT community because they experience hardship on a daily basis,” she says. “I had read about Section 377 of the Indian Penal Code and wanted to know how India’s LGBT community fought against it.” She was fascinated by what she came across during her research, and decided on India as her topic. “I wanted my topic to be this because this is not just a battle to be accepted in community but also being able to express your true identity under the law. This battle is about being safe when being yourself,” she tells.

Sukhdeep Singh