Once again, we have hopes tall
Yet again, we’re outside the door
Will you let us in once and for all?
Will you listen to our uproar?

Several years, we were called unnatural
Several times, we were forced to change
For the culture, which boasts about rectitude
Isn’t it ironic? Isn’t it strange?

Darkness chases us in every form
Some keep fighting, some live a lie
But don’t you know, after every storm
It’s the Rainbow that decorates the sky?

You can’t imagine what we go through alone,
Choked under a veil, days & nights
Yet we demand not reservation nor throne,
All we want are basic human rights

To live in peace, in love limitless and keen
Why is it so damn difficult to let us be free?
You blame it on saffron, you blame it on green
But it’s your narrow mind that doesn’t agree

Didn’t we get independence in 1947?
Why do we still obey the union jack?
It’s high time, Open the door, now
Let us in, we aren’t going back
We aren’t going back!

Rohit Mane
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