Colors is an experimental film that has been selected for the Siddharth Gautam Film Festival. The movie features four homosexual men-“red”, “orange”, “green”, and “blue”, all of whom are deeply attracted to another man “white”. However, their attraction is completely based on their physical desire for the man. Moreover, “white” has feelings for another man “yellow”. In the end, all dreams are crushed when it is revealed that “white” is physically disabled. Everyone leaves “white” to cope with his turmoil alone, leaving him broken-hearted. It is then that a ray of hope comes in the form of a poor man “violet/Pink” for whom LOVE is the only thing to hold someone. For him, there is no place of material beauty and youthfulness, the only thing he desired for was patching up two hearts, two individuals. The film contains people from varied colours of life and their varied fascinations.

With very few dialogues, the movie is basically a flow of emotions. It promotes social awareness about how our lifestyle is affecting our psychologically. The movie also drives home the point that though we often complain about lack of space and being trodden by the conventional straight thinking, we ourselves are not compassionate enough towards each other inside the community.