Just a Question of Love

-Karan Sood

An appreciable compilations of plethora of questions of life and desires, homosexuality and coming-out behind a single question of love.

Directed by French director Christian Faure, Just a question of love is very well managed to bind you to discover the beauty of hanging questions till the last scene. The story establishes a love story of two gay men, Cedric (Stéphan Guérin-Tillié) and Laurent (Cyrille Thouvenin), one of whom is proudly out while the other is still in closet.

Laurent, a 23-year old college student, masks his gayness from his family by living with his best friend Carole. During his agricultural research under Cedric, Laurent falls for him and wants to live openly like Cedric, but certain fears halt him in doing so. Cedric on the other hand cares for him but does not like him to live two lives. He introduces Laurent to his mom, who accepts his son as well as his boy friend. The unwillingness of Laurent to come out to his family creates distance between them. Hence begins an intense portrayal of the test of the two lovers’ relations as well as the parent-son relation.

Based on the theme: ‘Do we really love our children as we say?,’ the screenplay and script very well revolves around the basic idea, putting light on the difficulties faced by a gay child (Laurent) belonging to a conservative family on one hand, while depicting the support of an understanding mother of a gay son(Cedric) on the other. The work of entire cast, especially, Emma, Cedric’s mom (Eva Darlan), and the off screen crew is really appreciative. All in all, the movie is worth watching!