Poem: A Magic Land’s Hero

The wizardess of beauty 
plays wicked charms 
in your fingers, on your arms, 
your shorts, half size, 
your naked thighs, 
the muscles tensing tight 
your voice, your eyes, 
that half way smile 
why do you smirk ? 
kill me… before I find out 
Like the hero of a magic land 
your wavy hair, flowing in the air, 
I love the way you cannot care 
about your button-less shirt 
and the smear of dirt 
on your solid chest 
Kill me… before I lick it 
Me – envious of the wind, 
it’s blowing in, 
flapping your shirt, hugging your skin, 
I heave a sigh, feeling slack, 
a sliding glance along your back 
curvy, sexy, tense, feline, 
tempting me to make it mine 
so unfair… 
The new born stubble standing raw, 
on your angular jaw, 
with your arrogant smile, 
Kill me… before I bite in 
Your elven eyes, they blink 
like a musical note 
a mental clink 
of a metal ring on a metal road 
marking your victory in a street fight 
incomplete though 
cause you don’t know 
I’m watching you 
or maybe you do, but pretend otherwise… ?
Maybe you know I lust you