Queer Activists From Around The World Came Together on IDAHOBiT for This Wonderful Video on What Family Is

LGBTQ activists from from more than 30 countries had come together in Austria for a week long session during Salzburg Global LGBT Forum. For IDAHOBiT, some of them got together to make a video about what Family means to them, since this year’s IDAHOBiT theme was Family. Going beyond traditional family definition, they portray the different kinds of non-normative families. The result is the beautiful video you see below.

Bisi Alimi, a Nigerian LGBT activist who is part of the video shares what they had in mind while making the video: “The first thing we wanted to do was to make sure the races of the cast are not the same. We didn’t want to play to the stereotype, we wanted to show love and family in different shades. Next was to see family starting, family established and family showing support. So we have the straight family opening the video, the lesbian family and the gay family and then the queer family and the Trans family.”

Watch this beautiful video below and tell us what Family is for you. Use the hashtag #FamilyIs while sharing the video on you social network.

Sukhdeep Singh