Watch: Mr Gay India 2018 Talk about Winning the Title, His Journey, Struggles and More…

Samarpan Maiti is not only Mr. Gay World India 2018, but also the first Mr. Gay World India to be among the top 3 of the Mr. Gay World contest. Apart from holding the crown of MGWI, he is a cancer researcher, an actor, a model and a writer as well! But this journey to the top has not been without its share of obstacles. Samarpan hails from a small village in West Bengal, and had to face a lot of bullying due to his rural origins, both from the straight community and from the LGBTQ community as well.

In this video, Samarpan talks about not just his experience of winning the Mr Gay World India 2018 crown and being the 2nd runner up at Mr Gay World contest, he also opens his heart about the bullying he has had to face in life, being mocked by LGBTQ people for his rural backgrounds and “not so fancy English”, about how perceptions in his village have changed, and about his desire to work for LGBTQ people in rural areas.

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Sukhdeep Singh