10 Grooming Tips

male grooming tipsRohan Noronha gives you grooming tips to enhance your looks

Yes, I know I have said it before that someone falling for your physical looks wouldn’t be a keeper, but I didn’t say, “Don’t maintain yourself!!”

So here it is, I have 10 tips for you to maintain a lovely outlook, grooming et al my dearies.

  1. Have you thought of letting your hair grow?

For those of you with a face shape that is asymmetric, long hair on you would make you yummy. Those with curled hair need to straighten, not many would look nice with curls on such a face shape. Go to a specialist you know who can read your face and hair well, and they would know how to make the sexy you come out in no time. And don’t forget to use wax, or hair mousse to style it up too. And for crying out loud, I don’t want men with such face shapes having hair falling over their face, what have you got to hide?

  1. Have you thought of a mature look?

Trust me, some teens and mid twenties something’s don’t look attractive at all, because gay men look for maturity even in kiddos, get the drift. So what you could do is, have short hair styles done, and couple that with a goatee or even stubble for that raw sexy look. Now listen up, you just need to look a little mature, which doesn’t bring down your sex appeal.

  1. Threading indeed is a boost

And it’s not just the women doing that nowadays. I do it and I get compliments for my large eyes. Reshaping and tweezing them once a month would not allow stray hair to mess the facial features, your eyebrows would be defined and your eyes would look sexy. Ask the women at home or your hair stylist expert to do it for you. BUT DON’T MAKE IT TOO THIN.

  1. Think about the hair on your face

We all shave our facial hair, some of us keep it, and some of us don’t bother about it. I personally find men with stubble, very light stubble which is well managed YUMMY! Now don’t wax your facial hair (ouch). If you want to know the right stubble to keep, look into the mirror and then look at the online magazines that deal with facial stubble styles, and choose one which you can manage and trim (at home) and then go for it. And no, just because your filmy hero wears one a certain way, chances are it wouldn’t suit you.

  1. Be the fashion, not a victim to it

Once again, just because your filmy idol wore those skinny jeans, it doesn’t guarantee you looking fabulous in them. Check the season, the wellness and the styles of what would suit you the best and then dress accordingly. What you choose to wear should make you feel comfy and nice, and it should flatter you even if you have a belly.

  1. Skin care routines should be maintained
  1. Exfoliate
  2. Moisturize
  3. Facials
  4. Face wash
  5. Clay masks
  6. Skin tightening regime once in two months
  7. Eye cream
  8. Use a sun block

And the list can go on, do you want me to tell you more?

  1. Shun those glasses and wear contact lens, hair extensions if you need to, and highlights also do good, but bare minimum please.
  1. For those who like using make-up

Go ahead and use it as much as you want, as long as you don’t look colorfully dirty on your face. The make up should be moisturizer based, translucent, with a concealer and you should know how to use it. MEN WITH FACIAL HAIR, NO MAKE UP ALLOWED FOR YOU. Kajal and Surma look sexy on some eyes, not all.

  1. Work it out and build that booty

Yes, if you like being fit, work it out at the gym or at home. Brisk exercises and lots of step jogging would do wonders for your body. You lose the flab and look super sexy, but flabby guys too with the right confidence look ravishing.

  1. And finally, have confidence in yourself

If you don’t trust and love yourself, dont expect me or anyone else to love you.

Ok now Satin needs to leave, so catch you next time!! Alohaa!!

Rohan Noronha