Beat The Heat

Beat the heat

Pic: Haroon Sheikh

Dr. Jas Reina on how to stay healthy in this hot summer

Like every year, summer is back here, with even hotter temperatures this time. As we want to enjoy more activities in summers, we need to take good care of our body and need to save it from hazards of sunlight. The sunlight exposure helps in synthesis of Vitamin D in our body. Vitamin D is necessary for bones and teeth. It’s a fun season, except that it comes packaged with sun burns, frizzy hair, eye irritation and diseases like diarrhea. The harmful effects of sunlight are because of its UV ray component that can lead to skin problems after intense and persistent exposure to sun. Following some simple rules can save the body from such harmful effects of sunlight.

Skin care is a vital part of body care in summers. Drinking lots of liquid is a key factor to be kept in mind. The water requirement increases in summer as most of it is lost through sweat, leaving the body dehydrated. Compensate your body water reservoir with frequent supply of water and ions, as we also loose body salts through sweat. To save the skin from effects of UV rays, apply an effective sunscreen before leaving indoors. The important thing to keep in mind before buying a sunscreen cream is that everyone needs different levels of protection. The protection factor of a sunscreen cream is termed as SPF. If your skin is more sensitive to sunlight, then you will need a stronger sunscreen as compared to someone whose skin does not get affected by sunlight much. There is no direct formula to calculate your SPF requirement; however it is safe to say that if your work involves long hours in sun then you should use a stronger sunscreen. Do apply a lip balm on lips before going out.

For the summer haircare suggestions, I would start with the advice of covering your hair. If you are to stay out for long, wear a headgear that is suitable for you. The bandana is my first choice as it covers the head nicely and the ventilation prevents sweating. Try and wash your hair thrice a week since the scalp secretions and sweat are heavy during summer and damages the hair. Use a conditioner after washing them with a mild shampoo as conditioners provide with a thin protective cover over hair cuticle, inhibiting its direct contact with dust and other harmful particles. Never use the shampoo and conditioner together as they have opposite action, so neither the shampoo nor the conditioner works well when mixed together. Also available are sun protector sprays for hair.

A healthy body is the secret of a glowing skin and beautiful hair. Keep your body active, the sweat releasing during exercise helps in daily cleansing. Do not eat oily food, especially in summers. Try and replace your soft drink intake with plain water or fruit juices. Eat healthy food, avoid eating out as summers provide with humidity which is a perfect environment for bacterias to grow, increasing the chances of diarrhea.

Signing out with, ‘Drink lots of fluid and let not Sun keep you inside your house.’