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-Zain Awan

Hey guys! Welcome back. You all must be well aware of me by now, so no need to go for introductory statements. What I need to say is that after three months of Men’s Zone, I am now going to start over with what I had thought of writing when the idea of Men’s Zone first struck me. I hope you guys find this section beneficial, because there are things we don’t know even though they are necessary. So in this issue, I am starting with shaving. There were things which I didn’t know when I started shaving, but then I made mistakes and I learnt. Today I am going to share and elaborate some of them.

Many of us who shave on a regular basis like me (though I don’t like shaving daily, but am left with no choice as it’s the demand of my profession), started shaving the normal way using the regular shaving cream or foam our dads were using or which were available in the nearest store. As a result, many people experience problems such as ingrown hair, shave irritation and dry skin. Well, this does make shaving a painful experience, especially when one is in a hurry. So if you are looking for a perfect shave and smooth skin, then some preparation is required for sure. You should be using the right shaving gel or foam. I trust Gillette, as it’s the best a man can get. But before applying the shaving gel, do use some pre-shave oil to your beard. Pre-shave oil is made to protect the skin and prepare it for the shave. How does it work? It softens the beard and reduces the chances of razor burns. Simply apply some oil to your beard area and massage for 30 to 34 seconds. Next comes your shaving gel or foam. There are many products in the market which are designed to soothe the shaving process and your skin. They would eliminate dryness of the skin while giving you the perfect shave.

Generally it’s thought that men have rough and tough skin, but the scenario is quite opposite. Majority (men obviously) have got sensitive or what we can say as delicate skin as compared to women. And all this is due to the daily scrape of skin cells while having a shave, razor bumps and burns, acne and yes, sensitive skin for sure. This makes shaving a painful experience for some. Want to know how you can get a perfect shave even with a sensitive skin? It’s simple; just follow the instructions that I am going to briefly explain to you:

  • For a closer shave try to have wet shave. Avoid using electric shavers as they cause skin dryness.
  • Before shaving, soften up your beard with steam or warm water (make sure it is warm not hot as hot water can result in dryness of skin). Warm water or steam will open the pores to ease the process of shave. And remember, always try and shave after taking shower. It will give a neat shave and thus soften your skin so that your razor can last longer.
  • Avoid using disposable razors and dull blades. If you really don’t want acne and razor burns, then you would have to invest some money to get some good quality razor blades. Besides, you would have to stop using cheap shaving cream, gels or foams. They simply can’t do anything for your skin. If you search the market, you would find hundreds of products designed especially for men’s sensitive skin. Try using shaving foam or gel from that range. These products would prepare your skin for a smooth shave.
  • I guess you would be aware of the golden rule of shaving, if not, then let me write that for you. Always shave in the direction of hair growth, not against it. Ingrown hair and razor bumps are usually the result of shaving against the hair growth. While shaving try to use short strokes, and do rinse your razor several times while shaving. And after the act, to close your open pores, wash your face with cold water.

Many men think that the process of shaving ends here and they don’t have to do anything else. Well, in case you really want to improve your skin and avoid all the skin problems, you must apply a moisturizer daily on your face. There are many options available in the market. Personally, I would recommend Garnier, as I have been using it for a long time too and it seems to be performing a good enough job.

If you need the perfect skin care regimen for your sensitive skin, then make sure that you implement all these tips. You can either enjoy the acne, razor bumps & burns etc, or you can start working on these tips to get a smooth shave, clear skin, and a refreshing look on your face.

Have a happy and pain free shaving session.