What is it that is keeping you away from using sex toys? Either alone or with your mate? Don’t be shy about masturbating or cleaning up there after. It is natural and to pleasurise yourself is not a sin. There are many sex toys for bottoms to use, and you should get one of them. I have researched and listed a few gay sex toys which bottoms should own. So own them and stop being so desperate to have a real top pounding you always- who needs a top, when a sex toy and yourself can bring about all the pleasure you need. So without much ado, here are a few sex toys I found around online, which you can buy from reputed e-commerce stores online.

Anal trainers

As the name suggests, it is a series of toys which helps with the stretching of the anal sphincters, safely and gradually. Start from the smallest for a day to a week and once the anal sphincter is dilated enough, go on to the bigger ones.

Strokers for you

Just because you are  a bottom, it doesn’t mean you would not enjoy being stroked. Strokers are textured sleeves which help enhance the pleasure of penis masturbation. They help replicate the real sexual experience, and are made from realistic materials- unique and one of a kind.

Perineum Toy

I have written about the perineum being an important erogenous zone in one of my previous blogs– so pay attention to this zone. Don’t ignore it, and you would get the best orgasm, I promise. Use this toy to entice the perineum while you engage in self-play and watch how you get aroused and play more- orally or with your hands, try it!

Double-Ended Dildo

Sometimes, you may have a bottom friend around, but no top to get a threesome done- what do you do? Play with each other of course! Use a double ended dildo. It has two penis like heads on either end. You get them in various lengths- use it with lube and watch each other being rammed by it. Pure orgasms guaranteed.

Dildos that inflate

If you are an enthusiast and are adventurous too, try an inflatable dildo. You would love the sensation of your ass being plugged and filled- ideal for all those sex dates you would be encountering in the future- beginners toy. Inflatable dildos have a firm core and can be used on partners who love being pegged.

Vibrating butt plugs

They tingle the butt and give you a plot of pleasure- super orgasms too. Standard butt plugs come for cheap online, so search for the best ones. Mostly search for butt plugs that vibrate and are made of silicone- best for beginners.

A Prostate Massager

You would fall in love with this sex toy. You get to control the intensity and the speed, and the vibrations too by using the remote control that comes with it. Stimulate the anal area and the perineum while you play with yourself, and your prostrate too.

Vibrating Rimming Butt Plug

The market online is flooded with vibrating rimming butt plugs that are a hit amongst bottoms all over the world. Who doesn’t like being rimmed or getting a rim job from hot tops? If you like analingus done on you, and you don’t have a man around, don’t worry- you should get a vibrating rimming butt plug to service you- again, who needs a top!

Spiral Glass Dildo

Glass is fun and cool and there is nothing to be scared off, because sex toys like the spiral glass dildo are made from hard glass that wont shatter while being used in your butt. To make it more pleasurable, don’t forget to put the glass dildo in the freezer, and then use it. The sensation is mind blowing, and out of this world.

Anal Beads

Anal beads are best used when you have no one else to play with. They guide themselves into your butt easily, and pop out with each anal bead moving out very easily too. This makes your orgasms magical and very intense. Again, if you are two bottoms trying this one another- you would have a lot of fun!

So here were ten sex toys which bottoms should use, when alone! You really don’t need a top anymore for sexual games, not when you have one of these toys!

Stay happy!

Rohan Noronha