Excitement and Apprehensions

Love is in the Air

Feb 2010 issue


The feb issue is finally out! And we have our own website this time. As always, I am excited. Excited because finally a months work is out there for everyone to read. Its always a wonderful feeling when the issue finally ready (in this case, uploaded). More so when it is to provide a marginalised community of a country a voice, and cater to their needs. The response of the Jan issue was great! People loved it for its content which they found to be very informative, and this is the exact reason forthe apprehension. Apprehension as to what would be the response to the feb issue. We have moved from 19 to 29 pages this time and I am extremely thankful to all of the contributors.

As of now, I am keeping my fingers crossed and hoping that this issue will also receive your appreciation. Do let us know. Also drop a line as to how we can improve the website.

Sukhdeep Singh