Embracing LGBTQI+ Pride Through Jewelry

Fashion brands may increasingly be embracing gender fluidity and LGBTQI+ influences, but the jewelry industry is still a few steps behind. When was the last time you saw same sex (his and his or hers and hers) wedding bands, or rings that symbolize ideas and values the community can connect with upon just one glance? Jewelry – especially high-end jewelry – is often linked to tradition, and because events involving jewelery – such as same-sex marriages – are relatively new, it can be harder to find LGBTQI+-inclusive jewelry. The LGBTQI+ community is slowly but surely asserting itself in terms of jewelry demands, however, with many pieces already holding special symbolic value.

Wearing The Colors Of Pride Proudly

The bright, bold colors of the rainbow are already a strong fashion statement expressing support for or belonging to the community, but these colors can also be worn on a more permanent basis in the form of jewelry. From brooches to hair accessories, and rainbow bracelets to necklaces, multi-colored pieces are trending, both within and outside of the community. You may have noticed the plethora of multi-colored hoop earrings and rings, for instance, made with gemstones and precious stones of various hues. Think pink and blue sapphires, yellow citrines, green tourmalines and other stones which together create a rainbow effect. If you are a fan of monochrome looks but like the idea of changing color, then mood rings may be up your street. Mood rings change their hue thanks to crystal polymers that react to differences in temperature. Therefore, when you are nervous, your ring might shine a deep amber, and when your emotions are charged up, it can change to a vivid green or blue hue.

Brands That Support The LGBTQI+ Movement

Many jewelers miss the chance to connect with LGBTQI+ customers because they do not have exclusive merchandise or collections. A gay couple can go in to buy wedding bands, for instance, but they may get questioned about why they want two of the same ring or two men’s or women’s bands, for instance. Savvy brands that sell pride jewelry are slowly but surely growing in number to fulfil what is an unquestionably large demand. Just a few jewelers that specialize in pride jewelry include Love & Pride, Pride Shack, and Pride ID.

Symbols To Identify With

Pride jewelry isn’t just about color: it is also about symbols that have been cherished for many years in the community. These include the Victory symbol. For instance, Love & Pride has a host of victory-focused designs in fine metals and stones – including rose gold, platinum, ruby, and pink sapphire earrings and rings. The same brand has a cute stacked ring made up of two wide bands, each with half an iolite rainbow. Put them together, and a full circle is formed. Other symbols in this and other brands include jewelry with gender symbol shapes (the circle comprising precious stones like emeralds, diamonds and rubies), anodized rainbow rings, and lesbian/gay symbol promise and wedding ring bands.

The jewelry industry is slowly waking to the need for jewelry specifically geared towards the LGBTQI+ community. While those getting engaged or married can choose from a wide variety of styles and stones in discerning jewelry stores, those after a comfortable or bespoke experience can benefit from supporting brands with a strong pride focus. Jewelry, after all, is an important fashion statement, and a way to express one’s identity, taste and style.