Month Long Pride Celebrations In Bangalore Come To An End With Diversity Fair

Rainbow Wools

More than 200 people thronged the Diversity Fair held at Rococo Gallery in Bangalore yesterday. Diversity Fair or the Pride Mela has now become an integral part of the Bangalore pride celebrations and provides a platform for various queer artists and businesses to showcase their work.

The Mela opened at 2pm and saw people trickling in continuously. Stalls had been put up by various individuals and organizations as well. Things on sale included T-shirts, paintings, woolen works, jewelry and homemade pastries and cakes. There were two photo-exhibitions as well, one by Shilpa Ray and another by Mayank Chauhan; both drawing a lot of interest and appreciation from the visitors.

Throughout the day there were various cultural performances like dance, skit, poem recitation, songs etc to that kept the interest of the crowd and made the whole fair look like a carnival. The fair closed at 7pm in the evening. With the Diversity Fair, the month long pride celebrations in Bangalore came to an end. The Bangalore pride march is being held on Nov 24th and starts from City Railway station at 2 pm and ends at Town Hall.

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Sukhdeep Singh