Home Decor Tips for LGBTQ Couples

We, the folks of the LGBTQ community, are celebrated for our impeccable sense of style that doesn’t just end with fashion but also translates to our humble abodes. If you and your partner want to invest in a makeover of your shared space, make sure to do it right. No matter how similar your tastes are, there are probably some instances where you might disagree about design, which is where these home décor tips for LGBTQ couples come into play. 

Land the right color scheme

When you have to share your living space, landing on just one color might be a bit tricky. Luckily, dual tones are super popular today and they can prevent bickering and one-sided compromises. If you want coral and your partner wants blue, you can actually make these two colors work perfectly in your home. Most colors can fit together and create an interior that’s warm, stylish and full of character. If you want to evoke coastal vibes in your home, go with whites and blues—this combo works for almost every aesthetic and you can spice it up with more color in furniture and decoration. Two pastel tones also go hand in hand, while darker shades create a more elegant and modern look. 

Pay attention to lighting

Lighting is often neglected for all the wrong reasons. If you layer your lighting, you can add a whole new dimension to your space as well as make your rooms look bigger or cozier. Ornamental lamps are a perfect addition for reading nooks, yoga corners or living rooms, especially if they have dimmers so you can change illumination and warmth. When you’re hosting parties and having friends over, some ambiance will go a long way, and even help you hide any imperfections in your home. 

Make space for your (chosen) family

LGBTQ people managed to survive hard times by sticking together and supporting all the members of the rainbow community, so try to make space in your home for all your dearest friends and family. A beautiful dining room can be the meeting place in your home, especially when equipped with sturdy Amish furniture that radiates stability, comfort and warmth. Plus, these pieces are truly timeless and fit into any space and style. Boost seating around your house with stackable chairs and poofs so you can invite all your friends for weekly Drag Race watch parties! 

Show off your queerness with art

Just because you’re gay doesn’t mean you have to put up giant pride flags everywhere. There are more subtle and stylish ways to show off your queerness and put pride into your home design. For instance, you can go very modern with graphic posters or take a more vintage route with old-school Tom of Finland prints. A collage of all the LGBTQ icons is a great way to keep activism in mind as you decorate your home and live comfortably in it—we should never forget our past.  

Welcome plants

Gays of all kinds are obsessing over plants lately. It’s actually weird to visit a gay couple at home and notice they don’t have a house full of greenery. Plants not only fill out your space with beautiful and relaxing green hues, but they also refresh the air and boost mood. If you’re good with plants, don’t hesitate to go big and create that tropical look with large Monsteras and delicate ferns. In case your partner doesn’t have a green thumb like you, get them a snake plant or a Pothos—these can’t be destroyed yet they still look beautiful. 

Sharing a space with someone, especially if this is your first time living with your SO, can be stressful for LGBTQ people. But if you follow these decoration tips, you’ll each contribute to creating a lovely space that feels safe and cozy yet looks absolutely stunning!