A Policeman Threatened Me and My Boyfriend with Sec 377, Extorted Money and Wanted Sexual Favours From Us for Sitting Together in a Park

It was summers when me and my boyfriend Sam (name changed) were hanging out together. I am an engineering student, while my boyfriend is pursuing MBBS. We wanted to go to a secluded place and spend some time together since people tend to stare at a gay couple otherwise.

We decided to sit down and spend our time talking to each other. We were enjoying each others company and sat holding each others hands, but did not engage in anything objectionable by the standards of the society. Just then a man dressed in police uniform (probably a Delhi Police constable) came there and started staring at us. When we asked him if there was any problem, he started shouting at us, pulled a copy from his motorcycle and came to us and told us that we both were gay and he will not leave us easily.

Both of us got scared as he demanded to see our identity cards. He started checking our bags and found my Aadhar card in it. He took me to a corner, grabbed my shirt button and started peeking inside my shirt. Afraid of what might happen next, I started crying. What he asked the two of us left me dumbfounded. He told me that I was a chikna and he wanted to fuck me, while he asked Sam to give him a blow job. When we refused to please him, he started noting down our personal details from the I-cards and snatched our mobiles as well. He threatened us further, telling he will call up the police van.

I pleaded before him to take money and let us go. He instead gave us three options – to go to the police station, or have sex with him, or pay up a fine of Rs 5000. He then threatened us with Section 377 and told us that he will file an FIR against us under Section 377 and that we will then have to spend a lifetime in jail. We protested and said that we had done nothing to be charged under 377, but he threatened to call our parents. Afraid, we decided to pay up. We had only Rs 3000 with us, which we paid him. Just then, some one came there and he slipped away quietly.

The incident has left us shocked. We are now afraid to meet in a park or a public place. Can’t Delhi Police let people live peacefully? Is sitting together a crime? For almost a week, we were afraid that the police may call our parents, send some letters or send someone to our house to arrest us. But when no such thing happened, we understood that the policeman was just extorting money from us.

India celebrated the 70th year of freedom, but I want to ask, are we gays really free? We have to live in our own country and city under constant fear. When will we attain the freedom to live?