Ananya Duttaroy, Student, Silchar (Assam)

“Sexuality is as important a part of our identity as name. It may not totally define who we are but if the idea of sexuality gets confused, we become something that we are not.

Discrimination against the LGBTQI community is prevalent everywhere, everyday- whether it is done consciously or not. I have seen ‘effeminate’ guys being mocked as ‘gay’. I have seen homophobic jokes made everyday without any awareness or compassion. I have seen people branding anyone who opposes such homophobic jokes to be gay as well. If that’s not discrimination, what is?

Visibility is very important as it will work in two ways- first, it will let people know that queers are not rainbow vomiting aliens, and second, it will make it easier for those who are struggling to come out of closet without any fear or doubt.

The straight allies need to be a part of this struggle as much as the queer. For justice comes only when those unaffected are as enraged as those affected.”

The Visibility Campaign features experiences of people identifying as LGBTQI as well as opinions of heterosexual allies. It attempts to fill a tiny part of the huge gap in LGBTQI representation by featuring the lived experiences of the gender/sexual minority from across the country, regardless of differences. The Visibility Campaign asserts the unique individuality of each person featured. It seeks to shatter stereotypes and broadcast the fact that LGBTQI people have our own strengths, weaknesses and identities, not suggesting this as a way to live, but simply telling that this is how we live.

If you identify as the gender/sexual minority, or as a heterosexual ally and want your story/opinion to be featured on The Visibility Campaign, write to Queertopia at Tell us why you think visibility is important.

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